Not having social media is like operating a coffeeshop in the middle of a forest.

Why You Need Social Media for Your Small Business (Except When You Don’t)

My most popular recent post on my personal Facebook feed asked my friends to recommend a new hair stylist. Everyone had an opinion, chiming in with names, warnings, jokes and glowing promotions. I’m a fairly average Facebook user: I scroll through my feed daily and post one or two times per week. I have around 150 Facebook friends—not exactly Kardashian numbers, but I’ve curated this list to contain only the “friends” who are actually friends, as well as the pages of companies I’m actually interested in.

Small Business Marketing Checklist for the Holidays

A Holiday Checklist for the Other SMBs (And a Mea Culpa)

Don’t do what I did. Last month, I sent an email to our Nu-Designs Digital clients without triple-checking it. As a result, anyone who wanted to learn more about “Essential SEO Tasks for Small Businesses” got shunted to a different article about email marketing. It was an easy mistake to make, but it also would’ve been an easy mistake to catch.

A Thanksgiving Message

A Thanksgiving message from Nancy

“Being a Sonoma County native, it was shocking to watch the place where I’ve lived my whole life see so much destruction during the recent fires. But I am sincerely grateful to witness the abundance of support for all our neighbors who lost homes, jobs or both. It’s a long road ahead, but humanity always moves forward.”

Use Data to Make Informed Decisions for Your Small Business

How Is Your Business Doing?

You can answer the “How is your business doing?” question in several ways. Whether it’s based on a gut feeling, your financials or recent sales, you have several data points. However, when we switch the question to “How is your business doing online?” the potential data sources become virtually endless. I find that most business owners are overwhelmed by the myriad options, so instead of looking at numbers, they default to a gut feeling. I’m here to tell you this is a mistake.


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