Services and Training to Maximize Your Pay-Per-Click Return on Investment

Reach your best customers at the right time with the right ads at the right cost.

Managing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns takes time and expertise. Done right, PPC advertising is a fast and cost-efficient channel to reach a highly targeted audience. Done wrong, PPC advertising equals headaches. Our veteran team of PPC specialists have a depth of experience in Google AdWords, Facebook Ad Manager, and more. Avoid the pain; let us help you prevent over-spend, reach new customers and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

What we can do:

Full-Service Targeted Ad Campaign Management
We will run your ad campaigns for you. We begin by learning more about your company and who, precisely, you want to reach with your ads. You set your ad budget and we take it from there. We will create, optimize and maintain your campaigns, providing you with monthly reports so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your PPC spend.

Campaign Creation
Nu-Designs will create your campaigns for you, and then train you on how to maintain them. We also give you an overview of best PPC practices.

Google AdWords Tune-Up
Do you want to optimize campaigns that are already running? We audit your campaigns and suggest changes to lower your cost-per-click and increase your reach.

Google AdWords Bootcamp
New to AdWords? Need a refresher? We take you through a customized AdWords training course. Whether you need a simple introduction, or a multi-week training, we work with you to get you up to speed.