New Workshop: Getting Started with Drupal

I recently celebrated my 11 year anniversary on Drupal is powerful and flexible, therefore it’s sometimes difficult to get started. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask for help, and I have many mentors to thank for where I am today. That’s why I love to teach and give back to the community.  All of this is why I’m happy to announce that we’re offering Getting Started with Drupal 8: an online, half-day introduction on November 30th, 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST. 

Headless Websites: What's the Big Deal with Decoupled Architecture?

Check out our Decoupled CMS resource page. The "headless" website architecture is gaining traction and popularity. Nearly every developer I’ve spoken to in the past six months is excited about the potential, and with good reason — this model allows breakthrough user-experiences and innovation. This is the first in a series of posts devoted to this important emerging topic. 

Calling All Agencies: How Does Your Agency Compare to Your Peers?

One of the privileges of working at Pantheon is the ability to interact closely with so many of our talented agency partners. From large full service digital agencies to the small, upcoming development shops, each agency has its own unique approach to web development. Something each has in common, however, is the desire to improve their business: be that improving technical expertise, growing headcount, increasing profitability, establishing greater business stability, or just having more fun at work. 

Pantheon and GDPR Compliance Update

You’ve likely heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new data privacy law that defines a framework for how companies use and protect European Union citizen data.   Pantheon complies with all applicable data privacy laws, including GDPR.

WooSesh: Free Two-Day Online WooCommerce Conference

WooSesh is a two-day online conference organized by Brian Richards & Patrick Rauland, that includes topics focused on WooCommerce, the mostly widely used WordPress eCommerce plugin. The great thing about online conferences is that you can watch them from anywhere, and if you have to miss a session or two, you can always watch the recordings later on.

[Video] The Open Web: A Global Public Good

I’m happy to share my keynote presentation from the 2018 Yale Digital Conference this summer, where I was kindly given the invitation to talk big picture about what I’ve done with my career, and how Pantheon fits into the grand scheme of things: The TL;DR:

Pantheon Docs at Cornell DrupalCamp

Next week Cornell University is hosting their fifth DrupalCamp. I can't wait to attend. In 2017 Cornell DrupalCamp hosted 160 Drupalers from across the country. This year we will have lots to talk about between the recent release of 8.6.0 and last month's announcement of Drupal 9 arriving in 2020.

Four Benefits My Marketing Team Saw When We Started Using a Scrum Mentality

It might not be completely new, and it might not have its roots in digital marketing, but a scrum mentality is vital for all multifunctional marketing teams. An ideal framework for solving complex problems, scrum arranges teams into self-organized units, helping them deliver the highest-value product possible.

The Ultimate Agency Guide to Updating & Maintaining WooCommerce Sites

Building a great WooCommerce store for your client is only the beginning. Your client’s online store is a huge part of their business and you're likely the one responsible for maintaining the site. Updating and testing are always a consideration with WordPress, but even more so with WooCommerce. Your client's reputation with their customers, your relationship with your client, and your client's actual revenue is on the line if updates aren't tested and deployed properly.

Making the Most of HighEdWeb 2018

*/ It’s hard to believe it but fall is fast approaching. Changing leaves, apple cider, and crisp air. What else does this mean? Conference season is upon us!

When to Upgrade Your Drupal 7 Higher Ed Sites

Big news came out of the Drupal Europe conference last week. Drupal 9 will come out in 2020. Support for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 will end in 2021. Drupal creator Dries Buytaert reaffirmed what has been a key part of the plan for years: the main difference between 9 and 8 will be upgrades of internal dependencies like Symfony and the removal of deprecated code.

A WooCommerce Developer’s Toolkit

Every time you start to work on a new WooCommerce project, one of the first things you should do is build the best possible toolkit setup for yourself. You should have tools to create a local instance, build plugins and themes, debug, troubleshoot and more. This post will dig into the toolkit for WooCommerce developers today, and I’ll share some of my favorite apps, plugins, and services for WooCommerce development.

Your Website can Make or Break Your Brand, So Don’t Skimp on It

Imagine you’re in a mall where dozens of stores are competing for your time and money. You’ve come to browse through an electronics store, but there are two to choose from. As you walk up to the first, you notice that two letters in the illuminated sign have gone out and a third is eerily flickering. The glass storefront is dirty and riddled with handprints, and two potted plants on either side of the door are drooping lifelessly. What do you do?

Drush 9.4.0 Release Available on Pantheon

Nearly twelve years after the initial stable release of Drush, Drush 9.4.0 has been released. It is now possible to try out Drush 9 on the Pantheon platform by following the steps shown below.

What is Agile Digital Marketing and Why Should I Invest?

The phrase "agile digital marketing" can sound misleading. When you hear it, you might picture a copywriter scrambling to create a webpage at the speed of light. The definition, however, refers to a more effective, faster process in managing workflows and prioritizing tasks.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: HigherEd Edition

*/ University websites must balance many competing priorities. The web presence needs to encourage undergrad enrollment, direct current students to needed resources, inform people visiting the physical campus, and much more. A small college web team can feel like they are torn in different directions when they know they need to increase conversions while often struggling just to keep on-premise hardware up and running.

Troubleshooting Common WooCommerce Issues

I’m Sarah from Prospress, where I’ve helped over 1,200 clients with their WooCommerce plugin related issues. I’m writing this post to talk to you about some of the most common questions we get in plugin support and how we find the answers to them. We get many questions about our plugins, but we also get general WooCommerce questions and issues that we see frequently.

WooCommerce Couch Coding Recap: Upgrading Customized Templates

Earlier this week I did a WooCommerce Couch Coding session with Daniel Espinoza of Grow Development. Daniel has been working on WooCommerce since the very beginning and has a lot of real-world experience with WooCommerce.  He was kind enough to walk me through working with template overrides. Specifically, we went over how to make sure your template overrides survive a WooCommerce upgrade that includes template changes.