Applying AI to WordPress and Drupal

Earlier this year, we announced our successful migration of Pantheon to the Google Cloud Platform, providing immediate improvements for site performance and reliability, as well as operational benefits to our own engineering teams. However, that move was about a lot more than getting faster hardware and more cloud services APIs on an amazing global network: it was a strategic choice based on how we see our market evolving over the next five to ten years.

Marketers: Here’s How to Talk to IT about Your Website Needs

Do you feel like marketers and the IT department don’t always speak the same language? When you say you want a site that’s easy to manage, fast, and secure, they start talking about agile development, global points of presence, and intrusion prevention systems. It can be challenging to work together without a translator.

Webinar Recap: Extending Gutenberg with Josh Pollock

*/ /*-->*/ I recently spoke with Josh Pollock of Caldera Labs during Pantheon’s Extending Gutenberg webinar. You can view the recorded webinar here. Below is an overview of the webinar.

Pantheon Named One of Inc.’s 2018 Best Workplaces

We're thrilled to share we've been named one of Inc’s 2018 Best Workplaces! Making the list was no small feat, with a field of over 1,800 companies vying to make the cut and a survey of over 81,000 employees to determine the best workplaces in the nation.

Webinar Recap: Introduction to Gutenberg with Joe Casabona

*/ /*-->*/ I recently spoke with expert trainer Joe Casabona during Pantheon’s Introduction to Gutenberg webinar in which he gave viewers a glimpse into the new Editor experience coming to WordPress 5.0. You can view the recorded webinar here. Below is an overview of the webinar.

Quickly Get a WooCommerce Store Up and Running on Pantheon

*/ Pantheon has teamed up with ecommerce expert Patrick Rauland to create our new WooCommerce Quick Start guide. This guide is designed to help you get a WooCommerce store up and running on Pantheon. It will teach you how to:

Pantheon in Layman’s Terms

*/ As a marketer who has just discovered Pantheon and now swears by it (and recently joined Pantheon as a Content Strategist), I thought it would be helpful to explain Pantheon to other marketers who manage their company’s website but might not completely understand all of the technical lingo that goes along with website hosting. Why? Because your hosting matters! Big time.

Get IT, Marketing, and Development Aligned on Website Operations

*/ /*-->*/ Our mission is to help our customers leverage the power of the open web to drive their business. An important part of fulfilling this mission is helping them plan for success. But most website teams today don’t set clear business and technical requirements for their website operations. This leads to ambiguity around critical questions such as:

Clone Your Site with a New Terminus Plugin

Have you ever needed to quickly clone a site? With our 1.0 release of our Terminus Site Clone Plugin, copying the code/database/files from one Pantheon site to another is just a single Terminus command away. To get started, you can find the plugin on GitHub at pantheon-systems/terminus-site-clone-plugin. If you want to know the backstory and some use cases, read on.

Announcing Pantheon for Trainers

*/ /*-->*/ The first time I taught “Intro to WordPress” to a class of Girl Develop It students, it took me hours to get all 30 student sites setup. I had my own VPS so I could at least create as many sites as I wanted, but it was time consuming and took a lot of manual labor.

How to Build & Manage Great Teams, Part Three: Smarter Team Management

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” It’s a classic proverb, equally at home on a motivational poster or a wacky bumper sticker. The idea is there are only three useful states of being: Either you’re telling everyone what to do, doing exactly what the leader says, or you’re off the team.

Pantheon and GDPR Compliance

You’ve likely heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new data privacy law that defines a framework for how companies use and protect European Union citizen data. With the GDPR enforcement date approaching—May 25th, 2018—we want to take this  opportunity to communicate our compliance approach.