What a Development Team Can Teach You About Agile Digital Marketing

From a distance, development and marketing teams might appear to have little in common. But if you take another look, a development team's methodology can easily translate into the inner workings of a marketing team's goals and needs. Take pair programming, for example. This generally known approach allows two programmers to work together at one station. While one team member writes the code, the other reviews each line for accuracy and bugs. Additionally, if one programmer gets stuck on a complex line of code, the other is there to offer ideas and get to a resolution faster.

Announcing The Higher Ed IT Playbook: How Three Universities Put Their Web Infrastructure on the Dean’s List

Running a university IT department can be complex and challenging, especially if you’re working with limited resources and less-than-cutting-edge infrastructure. Universities were some of the first organizations to go online. Decades ago, they were instrumental in creating a well-functioning, accessible internet. But since then, universities have struggled to balance restriction and flexibility, oversight and self-direction, standardization and creativity.

How to Deliver Better Projects on Tighter Deadlines

By creating a strategic team, prioritizing work-life balance and embracing open communication, you can keep yourself on track while solidifying relationships with your co-workers.

Pantheon Ranked #1 by G2 Crowd

We at Pantheon are super excited for our recent  #1 ranking in G2 Crowd’s Best Relationship category for Managed Web Hosting. We currently top the list with a score of 9.07 out of 10. This is a testament to the constant effort we put into providing our users with a reliable, high-quality product and experience.

Higher Education: 5 Steps to IT Expense Predictability

*/ /*-->*/ Whether they’re with campus web services, a central IT team, or work within a department, all EDU IT folks have one thing in common: They’re expected to work miracles on a limited budget. EDUs aren’t known for having excesses of money on hand. As such, expanding your budget likely means navigating a bureaucratic maze. And there's no guarantee you’ll get what you asked for.

Troubleshooting WordPress Performance with New Relic

Thanks to our recent launch of New Relic Pro for Performance tiers and above, WordPress sites on Pantheon will now benefit from smarter troubleshooting. New Relic’s application performance monitoring tells you not just when your site is slow, but where your site is slow. Here I will walk you through how to diagnose page load issues on a sample WordPress site using New Relic APM.

Getting Started with New Relic APM Pro

We recently announced New Relic APM Pro as a freely available feature for all sites on the platform in the Performance tier and above. We’re excited to do anything we can to help Drupal and WordPress developers build better performing websites, and New Relic APM Pro is the standard. Whether you’re new to the platform or not, this post will help you get APM Pro set up on your Pantheon projects.

Drupal: Sometimes Headless, Never Heartless

Years ago I started asking a rhetorical question: “If you want to cut off Drupal’s head, where is Drupal’s neck?” Back in 2014 many people in the front-end community were fed up with Drupal 7. Great improvements had been made in Drupal 8, but that wouldn’t be released for another year, and the rest of the web seemed to be accelerating in the trend toward breaking up monoliths. Something drastic needed to be done.

Winning, Launching, and Maintaining Enterprise Clients with No Hiccups

*/ /*-->*/ Attracting and keeping mid-to-enterprise sized B2B clients for your agency requires enterprise-level solutions. Before trusting your agency with their business, large clients need to rest assured that their web project is in safe hands, following a solid process that can be launched and maintained seamlessly.

How to Make Your Agile Marketing Work Smarter with Testing

After days, weeks, and months on end, your marketing campaign is finally ready to see the light of day. You've picked it apart incessantly and tested every element to ensure it's in optimal shape. That's when the real test—public opinion—starts, right? Pump the brakes for a sec. Even post-launch, there's so much more a team can experiment with (messaging, design, cadence, etc.) to optimize a marketing campaign without disrupting its flow.

Before You Implement an Agile Digital Marketing Strategy, Answer These 6 Questions About Your Team

An agile approach to marketing can help your company collaborate quickly and forge ahead in a changing market. However, if your team is comprised of individual contributors working on independent projects and goals, an agile approach might not be a good fit for you. Instead, this workflow is best suited for teams with different members who contribute toward a unified goal that can be time-boxed and measured.

The Benefits of SaaS in WordPress Ecommerce

Software as a Service, often written as SaaS (but pronounced like “sass”), is becoming more and more common in the 21st century. Services like Office365, Google Office, Salesforce, and Dropbox are becoming a part of almost every business. But what really defines SaaS? What Is SaaS? There are several key markers for SaaS:

PHP 7.2 Everywhere

Today we’re happy to announce PHP 7.2 is the default version for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 sites! This addition, combined with our previous release of PHP 7.2 for WordPress and Drupal 8 sites, means that PHP 7.2 is now the default version for all sites on the platform. See our earlier blog post for details on the great performance wins you can realize by upgrading to PHP 7.2.

How Pantheon Revamped the Grand Ole Opry's Web Presence

The Grand Ole Opry is a world-famous institution with a rich history and a big reputation, so we were excited and proud when Pantheon got the opportunity to strengthen the Opry's web presence. The partnership began when the venue was rebuilding its website in 2013.

6 Best Practices for Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a never-ending project, and the larger your website (or portfolio of sites, in some cases), the more daunting the task becomes. Whether you’re dealing with security patches, legacy code, or broken links, you need to stay on top of website maintenance in order for your site to succeed.

Platform vs. DIY Speed Analysis

Every engagement metric from content reach to conversions is downstream from site speed. Good performance means good user experience, and expectations are ever rising. Research from Google estimates that most sites lose half their mobile visitors while the page is loading. In light of this, I wanted to see what the numbers actually showed for how our platform (and others) measured up. Speed is one of our core value propositions, but does Pantheon actually deliver?