Drupal Works Wonders for Marketing, But How Do You Get Marketers into Drupal?

Have you ever had a marketing client say: “Make sure we run the site on Drupal?” Probably not. Drupal is historically a developer-driven solution that exists in the space between do-it-yourself and mass-market applications like Wix and Proprietary Enterprise Solutions™ like AEM. It doesn’t have mass-market recognition nor an enterprise sales team actively pushing it on CMOs.

Duran Goodyear on DrupalCon and Pantheon Heroes

As Spring rolls forward, it is that time of year again for DrupalCon, which is in Seattle, WA this year. I got the chance to sit down with the longtime Pantheon Hero, Duran Goodyear, founder of Alphex Information Solutions. He shared his thoughts about the event, the community, and Pantheon. Watch the full video and read highlights below.

Christine Coughlan and WebCon 2019

Christine Coughlan, Director of Digital Strategy at ATEN sat down with me to discuss her presentation “How Our Collaborative Discovery Informed the Design of Stanford Summer Session,” which she will deliver at WebCon 2019.

Why Every Pantheon User Should Learn Bash

At Pantheon, we talk a lot about automating updates with testing and orchestrating multiple tools interacting to make a build system. For many folks, this might sound like some kind of mystic art. Literally the stuff of wizards and magic spells. But I am here to tell you, in all reality it is science. Computer science. And if you are willing to learn it, you can unlock abilities that do seem downright magical.

Is Higher Ed Ready for Drupal 8? Come Discuss at DrupalCon Seattle!

If you work with Drupal at your college or university, you’ve likely had some internal conversations about if, how, or when your organization should adopt Drupal 8. And, hopefully, you’re planning to attend DrupalCon Seattle this year to learn more and find a fresh perspective from your peers at the HigherEd Summit!

Technical and Marketing Agility, a Roundtable Discussion with Non-Profit Leads

Recently, I had the chance to work with Monica-Lisa Mills the VP, Client Services at Advomatic to present at an invitation-only event titled “Maintaining Technical & Marketing Agility.” I recently sat down with her to talk about the event and what we learned. Check out the full conversation below, followed by notes on some of the high points.

Allan Chappell on MidCamp and Modern Code With D7

One Drupal camp I look forward to year after year is MidCamp. I got the chance to sit down with Allan Chappell, Support Team Technical Lead at Four Kitchens to talk about his session.

3 Ways to Avoid the Pitfalls in Agile Marketing

According to the 2018 State of Agile Marketing Report by Kapost and AgileSherpas, just over 36 percent of marketers have adopted some form of agile marketing and half of those who haven’t expect to do so within the next year.

Amy Gebhardt and Midwest PHP 2019

As conference season enters the Spring season, early in the lineup is Midwest PHP 2019, a conference here in Minneapolis that is all about sharing best practices, ideas, and techniques to build state-of-the-art software applications. In preparation for the event, I got the chance to sit down for an interview with Amy Gebhardt, Lead Front-End Software Engineer at SportsEngine.

Terminus 2.0 Release: Introducing an EOL Policy

On February 26th, 2019, Pantheon silently pushed the button and released Terminus 2.0 into the world. With this release, we also have introduced our first Terminus End of Life Policy. We know that a lot of people are using Terminus and might have a few questions related to this change.

Zac Gordon and Andrew Taylor on WordCamp Miami 2019

The WordCamp season is in full swing for 2019 and one of my favorites, WordCamp Miami, is coming up from March 15th to 17th. I got the chance to chat with Pantheon Hero Zac Gordon, the teacher behind https://javascriptforwp.com/. Check out the full video below, followed by a summary of the discussion.

Kelly Albrecht on what to expect at NERDSummit

As New England enters Spring, we also see the arrival of the New England Regional Developers Summit, also known as NERDSummit in Amherst, MA. I got the chance to sit down with the lead organizer Kelly Albrecht, DevOps and Agile Coach at Last Call Media.

The Most Intriguing Marketing Trends — and How to Stay Ahead of Them

With new and improved technology, the journey customers take to get to know and adopt products has changed drastically. With this change, marketing tools have evolved drastically, too. Now, we can use more data and information to gather insights about consumers than ever before. The following trends are examples of how marketers can keep more educated and sophisticated buyers engaged.

Agency Partner Spotlight: Connelly Partners

Here at Pantheon, we are overwhelmingly proud of the partnerships we build with agencies utilizing our platform. Not only are we proud of the value we bring to our agency partners, but we recognize the value agencies bring to Pantheon by doing more with their client’s websites by using our agile website operations (WebOPs) platform.

Show us what you got!

On a recent Sunday morning, I spent an hour or so researching, comparing, and reading reviews of coffee grinders due to an offhand comment about there being too much fine grit at the bottom of a cup in the latest round of coffee. I dove into the details between burr vs blade and conical burr vs flat plane burr, automatic vs manual, and why coarse grind is better for cold brew. I didn’t just examine features but thought about how this will fit into my entire coffee ecosystem, from recently roasted local whole beans to the BonaVita pour over coffee maker.

Automated Testing for EDU: It's Never Too Late

Last week at WPCampus Online I presented Automated Testing for EDU. This session was a high level overview of different types of automated testing and when to use them. I structured the presentation to show how automated testing can be added at different phases of a project’s life cycle, starting with old sites where motivation to add new processes may be low. I ended with the planning stage when tests can help define the project scope and goals. Along the way, I tried to dispel myths and excuses that can stop a team from using automated tests.

Roy Sivan on Gutenberg and Web Applications: WordCamp Phoenix 2019

The WordCamp season starts back up in 2019 with WordCamp Phoenix, February 15-17. I got the chance to sit down with Pantheon Hero Roy Sivan, Senior Software Engineer at The Walt Disney Company who will be presenting Build Web Applications with Gutenberg in Phoenix. Here is a brief summary of what we talked about:

Get a 99.99% Uptime SLA with Pantheon’s New Disaster Recovery

Today we’re happy to announce that Disaster Recovery is available for Pantheon Elite sites. While we can’t prevent disasters from happening, Pantheon has architected a high-availability (HA) solution with intelligent failover at the Global CDN edge layer to keep mission critical websites online in the event of a complete datacenter outage. Disaster Recovery is more than just technology— it includes onboarding, 24/7 support, and a guaranteed 99.99% uptime service level agreement (SLA).