Put Updates on Autopilot: Limited Availability is Here

Building on our foundational principle of putting customers first, we’ve entered into our Limited Availability of Autopilot, where we're beginning to invite larger volumes of customers and agencies to gain access to this invaluable tool that automates vital CMS updates. 

180 Update: Becoming Our Own Case Study

A major goal of Pantheon 180 is to enhance the way we work as a team, by adopting WebOps ourselves. We aim to cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement, to aggressively pursue operational agility, and to improve cross functional collaboration.

2021 Pantheon Lightning Awards: Highlighting WebOps Leaders

We’re proud to share our first-ever customer awards, dedicated to recognizing the top organizations for using the Pantheon WebOps platform to deliver innovative digital experiences that truly  make the world a better place.

Drupal for Marketers

Marketers might not have considered Drupal in recent years,  as it's typically been viewed as a complex content management system designed exclusively with developers in mind. We're here to bust this myth in the following post about Drupal for marketers. 

6 Highlights from DrupalCon North America, 2021

With DrupalCon North America 2021 all wrapped up, we wanted to showcase some of the intriguing sessions and highlights of this year’s conference for those who couldn’t make it. Check out the following rundown of what we sat in on, what we presented, and what piqued our interest at DrupalCon North America 2021. 

Which Is Better for Marketers to Learn, WordPress or Drupal?

Choosing a content management system (CMS) is not always an easy decision. The CMS you choose can impact every level of your organization. The problem with this is engineers and IT experts thrive with complex systems while content managers and marketers want things to be as simple as possible, so they know exactly what they are delivering to consumers. Business leaders likely also have a say in what CMS to pursue from the perspectives of cost and overall efficiency.

Introducing Pantheon’s New Partner Portal

The Partner Portal aggregates and organizes the best Pantheon assets, documentation, and content so they’re accessible to everyone at your agency.

Autopilot Makes Open Source CMS a Reality at Scale

In the following post, I'll go over how using a tool like Pantheon's Autopilot reduces stress on your development team and drives down operational costs when choosing open source for your web content management needs. 

10 Women Who Left an Undeniable Mark on Technology

When we think of technology pioneers, we tend to think of men, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. But there are also countless women whose contributions to computer science and engineering have formed the basis of many of the gadgets and technologies we use today. 

Pantheon Joins the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Pantheon debuts on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace, which provides its customers access to an ecosystem of over 2,000 software as a service, virtual machine, content management system, development stack, and web service solutions — all optimized for the Google Cloud. 

Introducing Pantheon 180: We're Changing More Than Our Website

Pantheon 180 is a project to update our website and refresh our brand iteratively, by adopting WebOps over 180 days. Part of this involves taking a critical look at our technologies, our processes, and the way our teams work together. In the name of transparency, we're sharing our story. "It's a beautiful chaotic story. This is our journey" — Christy Marble, Pantheon CMO

Bringing Agile Thinking Into Digital Marketing

When you think of agile digital marketing, you may think it refers to outright speed, with some strategic thinking along the way. While this is true to some extent, agile digital marketing is more about managing workflows efficiently and prioritizing tasks — making people more effective and quicker at their jobs. Learn more about adopting an agile methodology into your digital marketing strategy in the following post.

With Drupal 9, the CMS is Entering a New Era of Possibilities

Drupal 9 is entering a new era, proving itself to be superior to other CMS solutions for content management, collaboration, and agility. One of the best examples of companies using this technology to its full potential, both in-house and for its clients, is digital product agency and Pantheon partner Phase2. Learn more in the following post. 

Discussing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Pantheon with Brittany Braxton

In light of increasing marginalized voices in the tech community and February being Black History Month, we sat down with Brittany Braxton, an Executive Business Partner and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ambassador here at Pantheon. Check out the interview in the following post.

Page Speed During Peak Season

Interested in the factors that affect page speeds, especially during peak season when it's crucial to keep your site running quickly? Dive into the following article to learn more. 

Top Ten Website Performance Metrics

The Top Ten Website Performance Metrics Discover ten important performance metrics for your website, from page speed to conversion rates, and how you can use these vital metrics to improve your website and make your visitors happy.