With Drupal 9, the CMS is Entering a New Era of Possibilities

Drupal 9 is entering a new era, proving itself to be superior to other CMS solutions for content management, collaboration, and agility. One of the best examples of companies using this technology to its full potential, both in-house and for its clients, is digital product agency and Pantheon partner Phase2. Learn more in the following post. 

Discussing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Pantheon with Brittany Braxton

In light of increasing marginalized voices in the tech community and February being Black History Month, we sat down with Brittany Braxton, an Executive Business Partner and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ambassador here at Pantheon. Check out the interview in the following post.

Page Speed During Peak Season

Interested in the factors that affect page speeds, especially during peak season when it's crucial to keep your site running quickly? Dive into the following article to learn more. 

Top Ten Website Performance Metrics

The Top Ten Website Performance Metrics Discover ten important performance metrics for your website, from page speed to conversion rates, and how you can use these vital metrics to improve your website and make your visitors happy. 

Looking Back on Giving Back: Gift of Open Source Recap

Throughout the month of December, we ran the Gift of Open Source here at Pantheon — in an effort to give back to the open source communities who’ve championed us from the very beginning. Read through the post below for a quick recap of the event, including some of the submissions we received from our community. 

Credibility is Key to Successful Higher Education WebOps Teams

At Pantheon's WebOps Summit, we spoke to two higher education teams using a WebOps methodology to maximize reliability and free up development resources, especially as the pandemic forced university students to increasingly rely on learning online. Read the following article to see the development tools and WebOps methodologies these teams used that allowed them to meet the moment in 2020. 

Gift of Open Source: Changing the World, One Contribution at a Time

For the month of December, we’re running the Gift of Open Source here at Pantheon in an effort to spread some holiday cheer and give back to the open source communities who’ve supported us from the very beginning. In this post, you’ll hear from passionate folks in our community leading the way — by contributing to a number of open source projects and initiatives.

A Virtual Lifeline for Venezuelan Refugees

Feeding hungry residents of a hard hit Peruvian city with the help of automation — a minimally designed, quickly engineered, and reliably delivered website. Sometimes, the instant answer is "yes". That’s the response David Jeyachandran received when he turned to the Internet earlier this year and asked for help.

Announcing a More Modern Approach to Drupal 9

With the release of Drupal 9.1, learn how Pantheon continues to support modern PHP development practices — with the newfound availability of Drupal 9.1 with Integrated Composer. 

WordPress Multisite vs. Custom Upstreams Through a WebOps Perspective

Examine using WordPress Multisite versus Custom Upstreams for your organization's portfolio of websites on the Pantheon WebOps Platform — all viewed through the lens of six essential WebOps keys used to make an impact, enhance productivity, and maximize credibility of your sites.  

Increase Marketing’s Ownership of the Company Website Through WebOps

Does your marketing team own your company’s website? Here’s why it should. We all know the breakneck speed at which marketing moves. Just when the industry zigs one way, the target audience zags in a different direction. For marketers, this hectic pace forces them to do whatever’s necessary to keep their message relevant and visible to the public at all times.

Open Source: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Interested in sprucing up your holidays with Pantheon's Gift of Open Source running in December? Learn about what it takes to enter, along with the free prizes and donations your entry brings in this post.