How to Build & Manage Great Teams, Part Three: Smarter Team Management

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” It’s a classic proverb, equally at home on a motivational poster or a wacky bumper sticker. The idea is there are only three useful states of being: Either you’re telling everyone what to do, doing exactly what the leader says, or you’re off the team.

Pantheon and GDPR Compliance

You’ve likely heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new data privacy law that defines a framework for how companies use and protect European Union citizen data. With the GDPR enforcement date approaching—May 25th, 2018—we want to take this  opportunity to communicate our compliance approach.

Collaborative Workflows: Pantheon’s Drupalcon Nashville Demo

Web development is better together. As we create increasingly ambitious digital experiences and build more mission-critical web presences, the number of people working together on these projects grows. Fading are the days where the list of everything you need to make a website can fit on the back of a postcard. Instead, modern web projects require the efforts of multiple people working closely together in a collaborative fashion.

WordPress Goes to DrupalCon Nashville

At Pantheon we frequently bridge the WordPress and Drupal communities, working with agencies who use both. A lot of my work recently has been focused around developer workflows and automation. I see a lot of similarities between how agencies use WordPress and Drupal, especially around tooling and workflow.

Announcing Pantheon’s New Site Plans

Today we’re announcing new site plans with increased traffic limits and lots more storage to better accommodate the needs of websites launching on or migrating to Pantheon. This is the first-ever increase to our prices, and we’ve added a lot of value since we got started—free HTTPS, a world-class integrated Global CDN, New Relic APM Pro, and more—all without adding cost. We’ve also learned more about how customers use our platform, and have heard a great deal of feedback as to where our plans fit, or leave a gap.

Security Update: Drupal SA-2018-002

The Drupal Security Team has published Drupal SA-2018-002 to address a critical vulnerability. This the first update of this magnitude since SA-2014-005 (aka “Drupageddon”) back in 2014. In that case, the time from release to automated exploitation was around seven hours.

Websites Need Health Checks, Too

An important part of Pantheon’s customer success team toolset is an objective way to measure the performance details that matter the most. We do this initially for benchmarking, and then periodically as both internal and external factors change. Today we’re excited to share that we have now made one of our internal tools available so everyone can take advantage of it—introducing the Pantheon Website Health Check.

Don't Get Gutenborked: Testing Real Sites with Gutenberg on Pantheon

There's a new WYSIWYG editor coming to WordPress. Many developers, including me, got their first good look at this Gutenberg editor at WordCamp US. And like many others, I found myself wondering "will Gutenberg break existing sites?" If I take a site that was built a few years ago, add Gutenberg, and call it a day, will something break? If the site owner takes a pre-existing post and loads it up in Gutenberg, will it get Gutenborked?

Getting Ready for Gutenberg on Pantheon

We began offering WordPress hosting back in 2014, and have witnessed a lot of evolution in the WordPress ecosystem since. Everything from customizer improvements, to the inclusion of the REST-API and WP-CLI as official parts of the WordPress project.

Announcing the Google Maps WordPress Block

It seems like everyone in the community is talking about Gutenberg, the upcoming reimagining of the WordPress editor. I've spent the last few weeks diving into Gutenberg and learning how to create custom blocks. My preferred way to learn something new is to create real, useful projects, which is why I am excited to announce the Pantheon Google Maps Embed Gutenberg Block Plugin.

How to Build and Manage Great Teams Part Two: Hiring the Right People

Have you ever worked on a team with such a great dynamic it was almost paranormal? You know, the kind where everyone clicks, everyone is committed to the work, and everyone is operating at peak potential? That’s not to say a great team is completely without problems—there’s no such thing—but they deal with those problems (and everything else) quickly and efficiently. I’ve been fortunate to be on a great team like that a few times in my career. And I’ve seen the other side, too, the seemingly cursed group that struggles with every little thing.