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How to Get the Most Out of Email Marketing, Part 4: Understanding Analytics

Your adventure in email marketing is almost at its end. You’ve spent hours designing your email, composing exciting text and compiling your mailing list. You hit the send button and then wait for the revenue to pour in. But how can a small-business owner tell if any of this is working? How can you differentiate sales that come in via your e-newsletter from other sources? To answer these questions, we’ll turn our focus to email marketing analytics. In this article, we’ll define some key terms and discuss how analytics data can inform your marketing strategy.

Use Data to Make Informed Decisions for Your Small Business

How Is Your Business Doing?

You can answer the “How is your business doing?” question in several ways. Whether it’s based on a gut feeling, your financials or recent sales, you have several data points. However, when we switch the question to “How is your business doing online?” the potential data sources become virtually endless. I find that most business owners are overwhelmed by the myriad options, so instead of looking at numbers, they default to a gut feeling. I’m here to tell you this is a mistake.

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