Your Rotary Phone is Not Ringing


What if your customers came in and saw that your office looked like the photo? A switchboard and items like rotary phones and typewriters are not what people expect to see in 2016.

Much like this example, when people visit your website, they expect to see an up-to-date look and modern features. They also expect it to look nice regardless of how small their screen is.

Your website isn’t the only one your customers will visit—they’re accustomed to fast sites with modern designs and features. Think about when your website was created and consider all of the technological advancements and digital innovations since then. Here’s an experiment: This week, ask 10 people what they think of your site.

Have them look at it on a smartphone or desktop and ask them to try and get all the information they need about your company. The feedback could be very informative and help you decide if you need to upgrade.

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