My Spa Parts Store

Project Description: 

Some client projects don't always go smoothly, but when the client has worked with us for years and years, through two previous website builds, they know they can count on Nu-Designs to come through. This was a long hard pull, with lots and lots of customizations, and thousands upon thousands of products. And those products had to be imported from a Drupal 6 wholesale site, to this recently launched Drupal 7 retail site. Spa parts isn't exactly the most glamorous business, but there is a lot of techincal detail involved to ensure the customer gets what they need. After a lot of back and forth, and a few stumbles along the way, the client now has a site they can maintain and that's responsive to the device people choose to view it on. And soon, they'll be taking that old Drupal 6 site and giving it a face-lift as well!


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