Announcing Pantheon's CircleCI Orb

As a Developer Advocate, I work with web development teams on improving their workflows. That often means discussing how to adopt Continuous Integration (CI). I usually center my answers on a suite of Pantheon tools meant to combine an external git host (like Github or Bitbucket) with a Composer-based repo structure, and a CI platform (like CircleCI) push a build artifact to Pantheon. Any number of tests can then run after the push.

Announcing Pantheon Localdev Early Access

Today, I'm very happy to announce the first release of Pantheon Localdev. The current version is 0.4.2, so it is still in an early-access state, but it has been through extensive internal testing, as well as being put through its paces by members of our Heroes Community. I'm now happy to make it more widely available for production use.