No More WebOoops. Adopt WebOps

We here at Pantheon have been using "WebOps" more and more to describe the culture of a successful web team. Just as DevOps asks developers and system operators work together to balance their competing priorities, WebOps brings together developers, designers, marketers, content editors and more. Every one whose job it is to change the website in significant ways (the code, the visuals, the content, the measurements of success) needs to think of themselves on the same team and working towards the same goals.

4 Ways You Can Take Your Agile Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level

Agility is something most businesses hope to achieve, yet few understand how to bring it into an organization, especially when it comes to marketing. After all, tradition tells us that it takes months to land on a marketing campaign. If you’re working to embed an agile mindset into your culture, part of that process should start with testing and iterating the methodology itself.

How Composer Helps the Whole Team

In this article, I will be talking in the context of website projects, but the value of dependency management extends to other types of projects, as well. What is Dependency Management? To understand dependency management, we must first understand dependencies. To get an idea of dependencies in a web project, let's think about creating a new Drupal 8 project. Our new Drupal 8 depends on Drupal 8 core. This means I must find the code for Drupal 8 core and add it to my project.

Think Beyond Hosting with WebOps

Hosting is super important. Anyone who’s been there knows that if your website is having poor uptime or performance, it's really hard to see anything beyond that. A burning platform is an all-consuming emergency. If that's your situation, you should stop reading this and give us a call; we love to help rescue people, and our migration team can handle most of the legwork.

Making an Impact in the Community, One WordCamp at a Time

Let’s talk about community. We all desire to be part of one. To connect and build relationships with other like-minded individuals who share the same interests, passions, dreams and values. Here at Pantheon, community is everything! WordCamps provide just that. A place to connect, build and share with other WordPress enthusiasts around the world. While we are honored to sponsor and attend several WordCamps every year, we understand that travel can oftentimes be a costly investment. 

3 Ways to Apply an Agile Mindset to Find Success

The agile approach allows for teams and customers to follow projects as they progress, which allows for immediate feedback and multiple iterations. And the time to market is faster than other project management technology because you can launch and continue to build upon previous projects. There are multiple ways you can use agile in your company to be more successful. Read the full article to learn more.

Pantheon Hero Spotlight: Roy Sivan, WordPress Power User & Senior Software Developer at Disney

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?  Most of us tend toward the more flashy powers, like flight, super strength, or invulnerability. Abilities that would make life easier. Roy Sivan has a slightly different take. “My favorite superheroes are non-superpowered people, people like Iron Man and Batman,” he says. “People who are willing to use what they have to do good in the world.”

Expanding Your Toolbox with Drupal 8

Let’s start this blog post about Drupal training in an unconventional way: by talking about how much I like WordPress. 

Your Website is Your Results Engine. Keep it Tuned

WebOps is How For most companies today, virtually all marketing roads lead to a website: the email campaigns, landing pages on third-party sites, mobile apps, SEO, the paid online ads. Even direct mail relies on a URL as the call to action these days. This is all great, except that for so many marketing organizations their website is their greatest nemesis.

Three Reasons Your Website Team Is Stuck in a Ditch — and How to Free Them

Most executives understand how important their website is to their business and why it’s critical to take the same iterative, results-driven approach to managing their website that they take with the rest of digital marketing. Yet most website teams are stuck in a ditch, making little to no forward progress, while everyone around them grows more and more frustrated. Eventually this leads to executives essentially giving up on the website as a means to drive the business and finding ways to work around it. Why?

Isomorphic Gutenberg Blocks

When the first beta of Gutenberg was made available for testing, one of the most controversial decisions was that the default storage for block attributes is the HTML to saved in post content. Block attributes—the settings on blocks—can be stored in post meta or other locations, but the system most core blocks use is to save the data as HTML, as the end user will view it, or to serialize it to comments. For example, to slightly oversimplify how the core paragraph block works, in post content, you have some HTML like this:

Are Web Teams the Secret to Advancing Agile Marketing?

If you’re a marketing leader, empowering your web teams with the technology to quickly iterate and deliver a great customer experience is one of the most important investments you can make in today’s digitally driven business environment. In fact, a handful of fortune 500 companies have gone on record to say that agile is the path forward for the marketing function.

How Do I Know It's Working? Continuous Integration with Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migrations Edition

I joined Pantheon in September of 2015, two months before the release of Drupal 8.0.0. I had spent many years building client sites in Drupal 5, 6 and 7. Now I was starting a job where I would talk a lot about building Drupal 8 sites on Pantheon. To stay sharp, I felt like I had to actually build a Drupal 8 site on Pantheon. Moreover, I wanted to have high confidence that I was doing it right. 

Using JavaScript Beyond the Browser

This is a companion blog post to the conference talk I gave at the JavaScript for WordPress conference, online on July 12th, 2019. If you missed the talk or want to bookmark the recap and links, read on.

5 Website-Building Woes and How to Overcome Them

Being an entrepreneur is often about accomplishing more with less. When it comes time to develop a website for your business, you can benefit from that same entrepreneurial approach. Instead of going straight for tools such as Optimizely or Crazy Egg, which require meaningful traffic to produce actionable results, start with user testing.

Discovery: The Most Important Part of the Project

When people don’t get what they want, they get cranky. When expectations are set, we want them to be met—especially when business is on the line. So, if you’re about to embark on a new website project for a customer, you want to make sure you have a plan in place, as well as have a detailed understanding of your customer’s background, current state, and future goals.

Alain Schlesser talks WordCamp Europe and the WP-CLI

Pantheon was proud to sponsor and participate in WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin, June 20-22, 2019.  Our Developer Programs Engineer Andrew Taylor had a chance to sit down with Alain Schlesser, founder of Bright Nucleus and current maintainer of the WordPress Command Line Interface project, or as it is better known, the WP-CLI.

The Agile Approach to Social Media Marketing

In the not-so-distant past, minute-long TV spots ruled advertising. Captive audiences watched whatever the advertiser decided to show. After all, there was no commercial-free alternative like Netflix and no smartphones to divert attention. With such a large audience, advertisers bet big on these spots, knowing that they'd be shown again and again to people without any alternative.