What Gutenberg Means for Headless/Decoupled CMS

WordPress is currently changing a lot in terms of how we develop for it. The new “Gutenberg” editor is built using React. React is a very popular framework for building component-based interfaces that encourages us to develop our applications in reusable pieces. This is part of a larger trend in web application development - we are moving from building one large, monolithic app to developing collections of services.

Using The Tour Module For Better User Experiences

As developers, we go to a lot of effort to create user experiences that we want to believe are intuitive. We often even create detailed documentation that we would love the user to read.  The reality is that users typically just want to poke around and try to figure things out on their own. Sometimes this is a good path and other times, especially when we are introducing new or custom concepts, this can end with a lot of frustration.   

Using BackstopJS to Spot the Difference

When I was a kid I loved doing the “spot the difference” games in Highlights magazine. Anytime we visited the doctor or dentist, I’d go through multiple times to see how fast I could see what changed. I got pretty good at that over the years.

5 Tools to Use in Your Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Data-driven marketing is the new gold standard, but many marketers struggle to achieve it. Even though 63% of marketing organizations are aware of the quickly changing landscape, only 28% feel like they can keep up. There's more data available now than ever, and marketers are expected to use that information to validate every strategic decision they make to senior leaders. But management and investors aren't always aware of data-driven marketing's complications.

Building Gutenberg Blocks with Advanced Custom Fields

Every person has their favorite set of tools. When we are not able to use those tools to complete a task, the feeling can be overwhelming. What do I do now? How will I accomplish what I need to do? I felt some of these feelings when I heard about Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor. If Gutenberg was block-based, what would happen to my custom page builder I created using Advanced Custom Fields?

How Do I Know It's Working: Disaster Recovery Edition

Pantheon likes to hide implementation details. We think that developers can work faster when we're not overwhelmed with configuration options. We run thousands of sites in Google Cloud with essentially the same MySQL, PHP, and nginx settings for all of them. There are a few variables like memory that get larger values as you move to higher plan levels.

Brian Richards on What to expect at WordSesh 2019

This year Pantheon is partnered with WPSessions to present WordSesh on May 22, 2019. Dwayne McDaniel, Developer Advocate at Pantheon, sat down with lead organizer of WordSesh, Brian Richards, to learn more about the event and what participants can expect this year. Check out the full interview as well as some highlights and links below.