Collaborative Workflows: Pantheon’s Drupalcon Nashville Demo

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Web development is better together. As we create increasingly ambitious digital experiences and build more mission-critical web presences, the number of people working together on these projects grows. Fading are the days where the list of everything you need to make a website can fit on the back of a postcard. Instead, modern web projects require the efforts of multiple people working closely together in a collaborative fashion.

WordPress Goes to DrupalCon Nashville

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At Pantheon we frequently bridge the WordPress and Drupal communities, working with agencies who use both. A lot of my work recently has been focused around developer workflows and automation. I see a lot of similarities between how agencies use WordPress and Drupal, especially around tooling and workflow.

Announcing Pantheon’s New Site Plans

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Today we’re announcing new site plans with increased traffic limits and lots more storage to better accommodate the needs of websites launching on or migrating to Pantheon. This is the first-ever increase to our prices, and we’ve added a lot of value since we got started—free HTTPS, a world-class integrated Global CDN, New Relic APM Pro, and more—all without adding cost. We’ve also learned more about how customers use our platform, and have heard a great deal of feedback as to where our plans fit, or leave a gap.

Security Update: Drupal SA-2018-002

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The Drupal Security Team has published Drupal SA-2018-002 to address a critical vulnerability. This the first update of this magnitude since SA-2014-005 (aka “Drupageddon”) back in 2014. In that case, the time from release to automated exploitation was around seven hours.


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