Tips to encourage customers to follow your small business on Twitter

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February 20, 2013
Twitter can be a great social media marketing tool for small businesses, when it’s used effectively. According to, the best social media marketing strategy is to offer a good mix of knowledge, fun and promotion to encourage your customers to interact with your business on Twitter.
5 Twitter Tips in 140 Characters in Less
The following small office Twitter tips (presented in 140 characters or less) will help you build a presence that customers will want to connect with.
1. Customize Your Twitter Profile
Customize your profile to reflect your unique personality. Display relevant and interesting information and always add your website address.
2. Use a Good Photo
Use an eye-catching picture as your Twitter photo. A standard logo is good, but try customizing a snappy version for social media use.
3. Connect in a Personal Way
Lighten the heavy business tone to connect with customers in a more personal way. Ask for opinions and offer fun tips or witty advice.
4. Share a Story with Followers
People love a good story so share great Web content. A pet clothing retailer could tweet about amazing pet stories or cute photos.
5. Track Your Twitter Reach and Exposure
Know you have good exposure, learn what tweets people like and know which tweets result in conversion to your website.
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