ACEing It: Sharing My Passion at Pantheon

I’m a firm believer that fate is a real thing. There are specific events that happen in your life that lead you to your next challenge. I’ve had a lot of forked-paths that could have gone a completely different way. I can’t help but think that each path I chose has led me to this beautiful, scenic road trip. You know, the kind that you wish would never end—except when you need food or a good stretch—because the scenery is so miraculous that you feel like you are in a completely different world.

Pantheon 2016: Year in Review

2016 was milestone year for Pantheon. We hired our 100th Pantheor, launched more than 50,000 new WordPress and Drupal sites, and worked every day/week/month to improve our product. We deploy to Pantheon across our entire platform multiple times a day, making thousands of changes throughout the year. Here is the highlight reel of major releases from this past year: February Created to explain and demystify WordPress performance and scaling best practices

What Will the Web Look Like in 2022?

For web developers and designers to thrive in the future, we ought to start preparing now. Until someone finally invents the flux capacitor—get on it, science—our best bet is to look at what’s happening now and try to extrapolate it out. Sometimes, that process ends up with something like this: I predict the Internet will soon go spectacularly supernova and in 1996 catastrophically collapse. —Robert Metcalfe, Inventor of Ethernet, December 1995

Top 10 Resources: WordPress on Linux

A WordPress Linux configuration can be used with a LAMP stack, or it is possible to install WordPress on Ubuntu or CentOS. A WordPress Linux configuration can be used with a LAMP stack, and it is possible to install WordPress on Ubuntu or CentOS. Below we present top links from across the web that describe how to install and configure WordPress to work with Linux operating systems and services:

The Freedom of Best Practices: Valet Shares Experience Streamlining Workflow on Pantheon

Does freedom mean “unlimited options?” Or does it mean, “the security to do great work with peace of mind?” For some developers, freedom might mean, say, the ability to hop on a live server and “cowboy code” a fix. But that kind of freedom might actually keep an agency from delivering the highest-quality service to their clients. For web development agencies, a solid set of best practices can be more freeing than a less restrictive, but more chaotic, approach.

Top 10 Resources: WordPress Courses and Certifications

Whether you're just getting started with WordPress, you're familiar with WordPress but want to acquire an additional skill, or you're an advanced WordPress developer, there exist many resources to learn and level up. Below is a list of top courses, certifications, and training for WordPress users of all levels.

Conversion, Churn, & Commitment

What do empires, multi-billion-dollar valuations, and love all have in common? Whether the participants are citizens, customers, or partners, they are all built from commitment. And when it comes to lasting commitment, there are only two numbers that matter. The first is how often someone does something meaningful, and the second is how long they keep doing it. Otherwise known as engagement and retention.

Announcing Privacy Shield Framework Compliance

On November 30, 2016, Pantheon became compliant with the Privacy Shield Framework. The framework was designed by the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Its goal is to provide both U.S. and European companies with a mechanism to comply with the EU data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the European Union to the U.S.

Documentation and Training Relaunch

Our Documentation is a popular resource for anyone using or seeking to use Pantheon. We’ve always had great content, but sometimes finding that content was harder than it ought to have been. No longer! Today we’re proud to launch a major reorganization of our documentation. We’ve recategorized everything by objective-based topics that have been refined through user testing. Dig deeper and you’ll now discover relevant subtopics, as well as introductory videos. Perhaps you’re ready to launch your first site on Pantheon?

Top 10 Resources: Cloning WordPress Sites

Cloning a WordPress site refers to moving or copying the site to a different domain, server, backup site, or hosting. Several plugins are available to ensure a simpler and safer duplication or migration of the site. Below we present top resources that explain how to duplicate or migrate your WordPress site in different scenarios, and refer to several plugins designed for WordPress site cloning or migration.

Intermittent PHP7 Compatibility Notices, And Where To Find Them

If you’ve spent much time upgrading older websites to PHP 7, it’s likely you have encountered the annoying situation where PHP notices are printed directly into the HTML output, causing them to display in an ugly, unformatted jumble at the top of the page. The effect looks something like this:

Top Resources: WordPress Backup and Restore Pt. 2

While the need to migrate or move a WordPress site to a new domain might arise several times in the site's lifetime, these tasks can be risky and error-prone, and might even prove confusing and difficult to perform. Several tools and plugins exist to help complete these tasks smoothly and securely.

All Too Easy: Pantheon + Lockr + Kalabox

One of our goals as professional web developers is to take manual tasks that can often be repetitive, time intensive, confusing, boring, monotonous—or all of the above—and to automate them.

WordPress 4.7 and Pantheon Advanced Page Cache

Yesterday marked the release of WordPress 4.7, and we'll roll it out to Pantheon users tomorrow. Why? Because we’re putting the finishing touches on a new plugin, Pantheon Advanced Page Cache, which automatically clears related pages from Pantheon’s edge cache when you update content.

5 Signs Your Drupal Site Needs a Cloud-Based TMS

Drupal 8 is the best tool out there for creating a multilingual sites. Unlike Drupal 7, Drupal 8 was built with multilingual in mind. But it isn’t a one-stop shop for translation. Drupal 8 allows translated content to be created or displayed on your site, but it doesn’t perform the actual translation of content for you. You’re going to need a Translation Management System (TMS) for that.

Top Resources: WordPress Backup and Restore

Backing up a WordPress site is crucial in ensuring the site's security in cases of vulnerabilities and hacks, and the ability to restore the site immediately after a breach is just as important. Below we present top resources from across the web that discuss the importance of backing up a WordPress site, provide lists of top WordPress backup plugins, and explain how to use various backup and restore services.

"Is This Still Maintained?”

If you’re like the average open source developer, you’ve probably published some code on Github that you haven’t touched in years. Because the code has some users, then the project probably has a backlog of a couple dozen issues you’ll never get to. Some are bugs, some are feature requests; all require more attention than you have for them.

Agency and Community Engineer++

Last year I became Pantheon’s first Agency and Community Engineer. We are now searching for our third. (Apply here!) Pantheon created the Agency and Community team out of a recognition that most our business is driven by agencies. Pantheon succeeds, and the Drupal and WordPress communities succeed, when agencies can efficiently deliver value to their clients. Our team is tasked both with evangelizing Pantheon among agencies in the OSS community and bringing feedback into Pantheon.

Top 9 Resources: WordPress Continuous Integration

Developing for WordPress can be done using continuous integration, where code changes are regularly merged into a central repository, and then automated builds and tests are run. Below we share top links from across the web that discuss how continuous integration is practiced as part of WordPress development, and show how tools such as CircleCI are used to test.