Beating The Speed of Light with Fastly's Edge Cloud Platform

Pantheon believes every end user deserves to see sub-second websites—over HTTPS—wherever they are in the world. Fastly’s technology offers Pantheon unique capabilities when it comes to this goal of simultaneously turbo-charging and securing customer websites. By building Fastly’s edge cloud platform into their website management platform, secure, sub-second pageloads are now within reach for every Pantheon customer.

Wake-Up Call: It’s Time to Secure Your Website with HTTPS

It’s time to be blunt. If your business has a website, you need HTTPS. The elephant isn’t just in the room; it’s parked on the sofa, blasting death metal and eating all your Doritos. It used to be easy to ignore the issue of website security unless you were in ecommerce, the financial sector, or the healthcare industry. Getting certificates, keeping them up-to-date—it used to be a hassle, and hard to see that the rewards were worth the trouble.

Optimizing WooCommerce on Pantheon: Advanced Page Cache for WordPress

As the owner of a WooCommerce site, speed has a direct impact on your bottom line. The faster your site responds, the more your visitors will convert, and the higher your revenue will grow. Kissmetrics found 40% of visitors will abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load.

Pantheon Advanced Page Cache: Drupal Cache Metadata on a Global CDN

Pantheon has always provided full page caching at our edge layer so that your HTML responses are served as fast as possible to your website's visitors, as well as handling huge spikes of traffic. Now with the launch of our Global CDN, those cached responses and their metadata go to 30+ points of presence worldwide. Responses from your site will come much faster when the caches are physically closer to your site visitors.

CDNs: The Battle of Fast vs. Fresh

To build a website today, there’s a lot to get right: performance, scalability, security (including HTTPS), functionality, search-engine rankings, and more. These come down to getting fresh content into the hands of site visitors—and doing it fast. CDN-based edge caching goes a long way to helping here, but it’s only as effective as the cache hit rate.

Democratizing Security and Performance on the Open Web

Pantheon is dedicated to improving the quality of the open web and making web professionals successful with open source. We do this by delivering a unique set of services via a completely different architecture compared to traditional/legacy hosting or infrastructure providers. Our customers stand on the shoulders of giants, always using the best cutting edge technology, and following best practices as a natural part of using our product.

Pantheon Launches Global CDN + Automated HTTPS for All Sites

Pantheon sites are now faster and more secure than ever, thanks to our new, integrated Global CDN. The Content Delivery Network, along with automated HTTPS, is included for all sites, regardless of service level and at no extra cost. We did it by integrating Fastly’s edge cloud platform seamlessly into Pantheon and configured it for advanced caching, optimized for Drupal and WordPress. Next, we added Let’s Encrypt to the mix.

WordPress for Enterprise: The Hero Your Business Deserves

If you’ve been to a multiplex this summer, it’s a familiar story: An ordinary person is imbued with extraordinary powers. They use these powers to fight crime, face seemingly insurmountable odds, and SAVE THE WORLD!

Announcing the Quickstart Guide to Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Your corporation’s website is one of your most valuable business assets. Its response time, availability, and performance can directly affect your bottom line. It’s the way the majority of your potential customers will interact with—and purchase from—your company.

Drupal Multisite: Much Ado About Drupal Multisite

We get questions almost every day about Drupal multisite. In our experience, Drupal Multisite does not meet the needs of organizations looking for a successful technology solution to manage dozens/hundreds/thousands of websites. For anyone new to the terminology, a multisite is where you set Drupal up to connect to different databases depending on the incoming url, which allows one instance of Drupal to serve different sites under different domain names. 

What to Demand from Your Next Enterprise WordPress Host

What do The New York Times, Microsoft, and Facebook all have in common? I mean, besides billions of dollars in operating capital?  Each of these massive organizations runs sites with WordPress as the CMS. It’s not just for boutiques and bloggers anymore. WordPress has established itself as a fully-featured solution for enterprise level businesses. 

How To Manage WordPress Site Configuration in Code

We’ve all had that moment where we have content in our live environment and want to add a new plugin or feature to our site. However, we need to test this new feature in a development environment first before deploying it to our live site. You do all the work to configure the plugin and then realize all of this configuration is saved in the database and you are in no position to override the live database. What do you do?!

Marketers Do Care about Website Hosting (But Don’t Know They Do)

When engineering and IT teams are involved in updating the website content, then marketing teams can’t move as quickly as they’d like. Some time ago I was at a company where the web site manager had to go through the following just to get content updates to the site: Get the content from the right content or product marketers Get the web design team to work with the content to get it to look right Get into the engineering sprint cycle to update the site

Demo Driven Development: Baby Steps Toward Automated Testing

In my time at Pantheon I have worked with a lot of agencies on refining their development workflows and continuous integration processes. One common thread I've noticed is that most agencies think they are behind the curve on automated testing. Everyone else is talking about automated testing for their client projects, so everyone else must be doing it, right?

Make Your Move: Expert Tips for a Smooth WordPress Migration

There are plenty of reasons to migrate your WordPress site. On the positive side, your company might have grown so much that you need better hardware. On the negative, you might have finally recognized the warning signs of a bad WordPress host. Good or bad, though, Wordpress migrations are a fact of life for developers.

Three WordPress Migration Success Stories to Inspire Your Next Move

It’s not surprising that WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet. New developers can get started with it easily, but it’s flexible and powerful enough for experienced users, too.   However, WordPress is only as good as the infrastructure that supports it. You might experience poor performance and even downtime with the wrong hosting provider. And the right platform can dramatically increase your site’s responsiveness.