Drupal Multisite: Much Ado About Drupal Multisite

We get questions almost every day about Drupal multisite. In our experience, Drupal Multisite does not meet the needs of organizations looking for a successful technology solution to manage dozens/hundreds/thousands of websites. For anyone new to the terminology, a multisite is where you set Drupal up to connect to different databases depending on the incoming url, which allows one instance of Drupal to serve different sites under different domain names. 

What to Demand from Your Next Enterprise WordPress Host

What do The New York Times, Microsoft, and Facebook all have in common? I mean, besides billions of dollars in operating capital?  Each of these massive organizations runs sites with WordPress as the CMS. It’s not just for boutiques and bloggers anymore. WordPress has established itself as a fully-featured solution for enterprise level businesses. 

How To Manage WordPress Site Configuration in Code

We’ve all had that moment where we have content in our live environment and want to add a new plugin or feature to our site. However, we need to test this new feature in a development environment first before deploying it to our live site. You do all the work to configure the plugin and then realize all of this configuration is saved in the database and you are in no position to override the live database. What do you do?!

Marketers Do Care about Website Hosting (But Don’t Know They Do)

When engineering and IT teams are involved in updating the website content, then marketing teams can’t move as quickly as they’d like. Some time ago I was at a company where the web site manager had to go through the following just to get content updates to the site: Get the content from the right content or product marketers Get the web design team to work with the content to get it to look right Get into the engineering sprint cycle to update the site

Demo Driven Development: Baby Steps Toward Automated Testing

In my time at Pantheon I have worked with a lot of agencies on refining their development workflows and continuous integration processes. One common thread I've noticed is that most agencies think they are behind the curve on automated testing. Everyone else is talking about automated testing for their client projects, so everyone else must be doing it, right?

Make Your Move: Expert Tips for a Smooth WordPress Migration

There are plenty of reasons to migrate your WordPress site. On the positive side, your company might have grown so much that you need better hardware. On the negative, you might have finally recognized the warning signs of a bad WordPress host. Good or bad, though, Wordpress migrations are a fact of life for developers.

Three WordPress Migration Success Stories to Inspire Your Next Move

It’s not surprising that WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet. New developers can get started with it easily, but it’s flexible and powerful enough for experienced users, too.   However, WordPress is only as good as the infrastructure that supports it. You might experience poor performance and even downtime with the wrong hosting provider. And the right platform can dramatically increase your site’s responsiveness.

5 Advantages of Continuous Integration

There are a lot of articles already that talk about Continuous Integration practices and how to implement CI as a process. As a developer, all of these things sound great, but I've often heard folks tell me it's hard to get internal buy-in on the upfront cost of changing workflow/process that is already “working”.

Terminus: A Rapid Introduction To Pantheon's Command Line Interface

If you've been using Pantheon, even for a short time, you'll know that the user dashboard provides significant power and control over all website management tasks. You can manage domains, migrate database changes, run backups, and apply code changes. Being able to do so lets you create and manage sites across multiple environments, sites which work the same way, on the same hardware, with the click of just a few buttons. It's also a massive time saver.

Announcing the Quickstart Guide to WordPress Migration

Moving to a new WordPress host seems easy at first glance. Make a backup, move the files, and you’re good to go, right? In reality, though, uploading the files is just one part of a successful WordPress migration. You’re not moving just for the thrill of backing up databases. Although if you really get a kick out of SQL exports, we’re not here to judge. Generally, though, a WordPress migration has a purpose: you want your site to change for the better.  

Scripting without a Script: Improv Lessons for Developers

Picture this: A group of talented artists come together to create something. They have done similar projects before, but what comes out of this collaboration will be unique. Each team member has experience and skill to bring to the project. They will work together towards a goal that may change mid-project, until everyone agrees they’re done. Then the work starts all over again.

How to Prepare Your WordPress Site for a New Host

Moving to a new house makes you take stock of what you have and how you want your life to be. You start looking at all your accumulated stuff with a critical eye. “Do I really want to put this in a box, physically move it, and unpack it?” “Does this fit with what I want my new home to be?” You may find yourself paring down to a surprising degree.

Client Wants Vs. Needs: How Agency Barrel Got Opinionated about Infrastructure

“The customer is always right.” It’s an ancient proverb trotted out when customers and businesses have a difference of opinion. No matter what, defer to what the customer wants, or you risk losing their business. This proverb may still hold true for certain industries, like retail sales. But for web agencies, the idea of “the customer is always right” can be a liability. In fact, it can actively keep the customer from getting what they really want—even what they desperately need.

Getting Started with Drupal 8: 10 Development Resources

*/ /*-->*/ As Drupal 8 picks up steam as the CMS of choice for building “ambitious digital experiences”, it is important to be prepared with the right resources to do your most ambitious work. Below are a selection of some of my favorite tools and guides for Drupal 8 development. Each one should help you on your way to Drupal 8 excellence:

10 Signs You Need to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Host

Sometimes it seems easier to stay in a relationship that isn’t meeting your needs. Sure, you’re not happy. But you’re not miserable, either. It’s...comfortable. Better to ignore the troublesome spots and stay with what you know. There’s no guarantee that a change will be for the better, right?

Just Like LEGOs: Connecting Your Dev Workflow to the Internet of Things

At MidCamp in Chicago this year, I presented Connecting Your Development Workflow to the Internet of Things. My goal in this session was to inspire attendees to think beyond their typical toolkits when working with web technologies. You can view the whole presentation here.

Building a Network of 195 Drupal 8 Sites Using Pantheon’s Upstream

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is the largest school system in Virginia and the 10th largest in the United States, with more than 200 schools and centers serving 186,000 students. To keep this large community of students, parents, teachers, employees, and the general public informed, FCPS is building out a network of 195 school websites.

Announcing Professional Drupal + Pantheon Training w/ DrupalEasy (Scholarships Available!)

It’s my pleasure to announce a new, comprehensive course from Mike Anello and the folks at DrupalEasy: Mastering Drupal Development Workflows with Pantheon. Mike is a friend and respected member of the Drupal community who has all of the qualities I admire in a trainer. That’s why I’m excited to collaborate with DrupalEasy on this 6-week syllabus and even more excited to share that Pantheon will be offering scholarships for developers interested in this course.

Pantheon Heads to Charm City for DrupalCon Baltimore

It’s that time of year again—DrupalCon North America is upon us and the Pantheon team is hard at work prepping our trademark thunder and lightning for Baltimore. This year we’ll be delivering 11 awesome sessions, a few hundred live demos, joining forces with Lullabot to throw a fabulous party, and of course getting face time with our agency partners, valued customers, and Power Users community.