Pantheon Launches Global CDN + Automated HTTPS for All Sites

Pantheon sites are now faster and more secure than ever, thanks to our new, integrated Global CDN. The Content Delivery Network, along with automated HTTPS, is included for all sites, regardless of service level and at no extra cost. We did it by integrating Fastly’s edge cloud platform seamlessly into Pantheon and configured it for advanced caching, optimized for Drupal and WordPress. Next, we added Let’s Encrypt to the mix.

WordPress for Enterprise: The Hero Your Business Deserves

If you’ve been to a multiplex this summer, it’s a familiar story: An ordinary person is imbued with extraordinary powers. They use these powers to fight crime, face seemingly insurmountable odds, and SAVE THE WORLD!

Announcing the Quickstart Guide to Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Your corporation’s website is one of your most valuable business assets. Its response time, availability, and performance can directly affect your bottom line. It’s the way the majority of your potential customers will interact with—and purchase from—your company.