Our Web Development Company

Over the years our client base has grown steadily. We have in our portfolio a wide range of creatively-designed web pages serving a variety of purposes. These diverse projects have imbued our staff with a depth of experience in internet protocol and web development that is second-to-none, resulting in usable, cleanly-designed and robust web sites for our clients. Collectively our team has over 100 years of experience in web design, development and marketing expertise and our clients are the beneficiaries of our knowledge. Combining real-world business experience with finely-honed technical capabilities, Nu-Designs provides practical, attractive solutions to web site development needs.

Current Job Opportunities

Nu-Designs Video

We produced this promo video several of years back and while some faces and technologies have changed since then, it’s still relevant to our philosophy and attitude.

Nancy "The Hammer" Giovannini

Production Manager & Senior Designer

Nancy has been with Nu-Designs for over 14 years and has worked her way from web designer to Production Manager. She heads the production team and makes sure every project is completed and our clients are satisfied. She frequently rides her bike to work from Fulton, and is a huge San Francisco Giants and pro cycling fan. A music lover, she has over 10,000 songs on her iPod and finally filled her iPod Classic 60GB. After 10 years an upgrade to the new iPod Classic 160GB iPod was in order. Life with new music can continue. She laughs easily, and loves working with our clients. Nancy has a twin sister and we’re always kind of wondering which one of them is really sitting at her desk.

David Sisley

David Sisley, Programmer

Our coolest programmer, Dave has brought a whole new aspect to the Nu-Designs team. Considered an expert in Linux and PHP, Dave strengthens our ability to provide cutting edge programming solutions for our clients needs. Dave is an avid reader who has been known to read romantic book collections over a single weekend.

John Perry

Themer / Programmer

John or “J” is a very talented Drupal Developer with a unique ability to solve complex issues and deliver outstanding results.  He is also a part time movie producer, (full time) husband and father who always is there to lend a helping hand. Self described as ‘more of an indoor person’ J loves sitcoms and can often be found quoting ‘Friends’ and ‘Big Bang Theory’.

Jessica Bobier

Jessica Bobier

The newest addition to our team, Jessica brings her strong background in HTML and CSS into the mix. With her growing knowledge of Drupal she helps the team with theming and building out site structure. Jessica spends a lot of her free time reading up on the latest web development trends, and can often be found wine tasting out in Napa.

Greg Ceniceroz


The newest member of our team and easily the fourth coolest programmer, Greg brings a wealth of expertise to our development team. Greg previously worked for Intuit, Travelocity and the Buck Institute where he honed his skills in UI development and database programming. When he’s not normalizing data or elbow deep in php, Greg reads paper books, plays soccer and plays drums in a rock and roll band.