Search Engine Optimization

Will the Search Engines See Your Site?

If your site is older than 3 or 4 years old, there is a good chance Google and other major search engines are not seeing your entire Web site’s contents. If a search engine cannot index your site’s pages then your site will not be found within the search engine’s results.

Using today’s techniques which include CSS, sitemaps and more, we can help make your site more search engines friendly and allow them to index the pages of your site effortlessly.

Incorporating the Right Key Words and Phrases

When customers search the Internet for your product or service, they will use certain words and phrases. If your Web site’s content has incorporated those same words and phrases it should get noticed by search engines and take customers straight to your site. If not, it just may send them to your competitor’s site. Simply put, if search engines can’t find your Web site, neither can your customers. And if your customers can’t find it, it’s useless.

Free Evaluation of Your Web site’s Search Engine Efficacy

Our experts at Nu-Designs can help you make sure your new site is as effective as possible, or appraise the effectiveness of your existing Web site with a free Useability Report. It’s easy: Just tell us the top three to five words or phrases (other than the name of your company) you believe your customers are using in Internet searches to find your Web site.

Our experts will evaluate your site and recommend strategies to improve your Internet visibility. Sometimes a subtle change in wording can garner large results. Remember, when you write the content for your Web site, you are writing for two audiences: the readers of your site and the search engines. If the latter can’t see you, the former won’t either. Call Nu-Designs today and find out how you can improve your Web site’s search results—and your profits!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Everyone wants Web traffic and instant gratification. We can work with you on creating a keyword and key phrase campaign to be used with Google AdSense. Ask us about our consulting services which can manage your account with periodic reviews and adjustments of the campaign which lead to a better return on your investment.

Custom Online Marketing Strategy

Every business and industry has its unique quirks. Working side by side we can help you build a strong online marketing strategy from SEO, link campaigns, e-mail newsletters, online advertising, and more. Contact us today for your free initial consultation and learn what will work for your growing business.